Day Trip and Movie Night

We recently got a car after living in Portland for over a year without one, and we’ve been taking advantage of it by taking day trips out of the city. A few weeks ago, we went to Lake Oswego and looked at all the beautiful (and expensive!) homes, and took in dinner and a movie for a date night.

Lake Oswego is a very upscale area. Most (if not all) of the houses that touch the lake have their own boat docking areas, which made it hard to find a good viewing spot, but we found some nice low bridges. Many of the houses around it have really interesting architecture, and unique little touches like stained glass windows and ornate gates.

I was tired after a long week of work (which is true most of the time!), so I wanted to be comfortable. This is one of my favorite sweaters because you can wrap it around yourself like a big blanket. But as you can see in this pic, it’s so big it’s hard to button my coat around it!

I can never resist poking around Anthropologie when there’s one near…each store has its own interior designer and the way they make use of furniture is always really inspiring. (An example: I once saw an ordinary set of white, square Ikea shelves made amazingly beautiful with purple and pink spray paint on the insides, and bark/driftwood nailed to the frame.) Plus, they smell amazing.

This one had a huge, hand-crocheted toadstool. This pic is taken in the reflection of the aged mirror behind it, which is why it looks so spotty.

They also had these lovely magazines on display. I haven’t subscribed to anything since we’ve moved, but I’m thinking it might be time again…

After a bit of wandering and a bite to eat, we saw The Woman in Black at the movie theatre, which was fun…we do love a good ghost story, and we’ve both seen the play in London (where it’s one of the oldest running in the city). All in all, a lovely evening out.

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