Mori Girl 30 Day Challenge: Day 2

For Day 2, I think about who are my mori girl idols and name 10 things I love about mori.

Part of the Mori Girl 30 Day Challenge by shadyoaks and the Mori Meme by Fern & Fawn.

2- Who is/are your mori girl idols? who inspires your fashion?

This is a good question, but I don’t know the answer to it! There isn’t any one person that inspires my mori fashion (or lifestyle)…I’m very, very inspired by all the beautiful ladies and gents on Tumblr and who have blogs.

As far as celebrities go, I like Lily Cole, Bjork and Helena Bonham Carter because they’re all beautiful, talented women who march to their own drum, but I’m not sure I would be able to dress like them…what do you think?

Day 2 – 10 things you love in mori.

1. I love how unique the fashion is. You can wear it shapeless or semi-fitted, long or short; there are elements from many time periods; you can go with all beiges and whites or choose deeper, woodsy colors…plaids, knits, lace, florals…I think it’s all beautiful! Plus, it’s great on all body types, and you can dress in mori fashion in any weather. I also love that it can juxtapose feminine and boyish elements, like jeans with round collars or sneakers and skirts:

Left, Middle, Right

2. I love that it emphasizes activities that make you take time to appreciate the world around you: drinking tea, taking a walk in the forest, reading in a cafe, browsing for flowers in a shop, spending time alone.

3. Even though it’s ostensibly a fashion trend, there’s also a lot of focus on the internal rather than the external. Even in the original mori list, it talks about “having an air about oneself, or wishing to” and it mentions buying things for how they make you feel, rather than how other people will perceive them.

4. I love that it’s about an appreciation for handmade or DIY things, which includes anything from crafting/sewing, to hand-writing letters, to baking, to taking photographs, and everything in-between.

5. Picnic baskets, straw purses, little pouches, rucksacks. (I love what these imply: coziness, taking a trip, being prepared with your journal and camera, etc.)

6. Deer and fawn patterned prints. I’d never seen that print before, and I think it’s adorable.

Left, Middle, Right

7. Cute baked goods!

8. Flat shoes. (And wedges and Oxfords and boots.) Most heels are really painful for me and I never wear them anyway, even though 99% of fashion advice just assumes you do.

9. Natural hair and subtle makeup. I love all the braids, loose waves and pink cheeks.

10. Fairy tales, toadstools, forests with stories. I like that these suggest a childlike innocence in observing the world, and a wish for everyday things to be more magical and beautiful.


My 30 Days of Mori

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