Mori Girl 30 Day Challenge: Day 1

As a way to introduce myself, I’m going to take the the Mori Girl 30 Day Challenge by shadyoaks and the Mori Meme by Fern & Fawn. I hope it will help everyone get to know me a bit better, and it’s helping me too because it’s making me think very hard about what I’m interested in and how I feel about mori things!

1- naturally, our first question is how did you get into mori girl?

I first found mori in May 2010. To be totally honest I can’t remember exactly how I found it; it was probably an article or street fashion photo…but regardless, here I am.

When I read the definition of mori, I felt like there was finally a word to describe the things I’d already been wearing, doing and feeling. I’ve always worn skirts and dresses, been introspective and liked to pay attention to the little details of the world around me.

Day 1 – 10 things about your mori bubble.

Not really sure what “my mori bubble” is, but that’s okay…

1. As a child I spent most of my time reading by myself, wandering around in nature, drawing or making things out of clay, or playing dress-up and imagination games. Not much has changed…

2. My mori style is a mix of British-inspired, French-inspired and natural kei. I’m drawn to earth and jewel tones more than I am creams and beiges. Right now I’m really drawn to pictures of teacups, red toadstools, deer, fairy tales, old houses, lace…

3. I don’t look good in full-on mori clothes (many layers, ruffles, smocks and so on), but I love what they represent. So I’m trying to find ways to subtly incorporate mori elements into a wardrobe that’s more appropriate for a working adult.

4. As I mentioned above, I felt like the term “mori” described things I had done for a long time, even my whole life. These things include (but are not limited to): taking photos; spending quiet time alone; visiting thrift stores; having pen pals; being introverted; preferring to be in nature; patronizing small cafes and shops; doing crafts like sewing, knitting and crochet; appreciating small details that nobody else notices; traveling and taking road trips; et cetera.

5. When I feel really stressed, I visit the nearest body of water (lake, river or ocean). Sitting near water helps untangle all the wound-up threads in my head.

6. I don’t own any “brand” pieces. Maybe someday…!

7. I’m learning more advanced tips for makeup and hair, but I already have bangs and wear “natural” colors, so I’m happy I now have a better style guide.

Beautiful makeup. (via)

8. I’m having a good time revisiting the books I read as a child. It’s funny to see which ones influenced me, and what parts I recognize.

9. I have a couple of funny little collections: some items with yellow roses on them, squashed souvenir pennies, stamps in my National Parks passport book…I’ve always had small things I collected for a while (vintage hatpins, Hawaiian music records…), and it’s always really pleasurable to discover them again after some time has passed.

10. Starting this blog is a way for me to always keep mori in mind throughout the day, since for about six months I’ve been overwhelmed with the busyness of my new job, and by how tired it makes me. It’s already making me more mindful and helping me to add subtle mori elements to my work clothes as I develop my personal style.


My 30 Days of Mori

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